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2021 March Refugee Outreach- St Louis

This month we decided to visit a family in need in St Louis. ♡ Alhamdulillah.

Vaha and I came to visit this beautiful city over the weekend. Today I tried to find a tent city to distribute donations which I brought from Chicago. Unfortunately, no luck. But! There is always tomorrow.

In the meantime I contacted my fellow amazing human Dzemal Bijedic to help me find a family in need. Within minutes he sends me an address of an Ethiopian family that lives in a government housing here in the city. Vaha and I immediately make our way to Schnucks to purchase groceries for this family of 5. One child (11 yo girl) is paralyzed since birth. Parents don't speak any English, dad is working in a factory, and mom is home taking care of their three little kids.

As we approach the home in the search of this family, we meet Nezir as he is just leaving their house. Nezir came to visit them and bring some food. He helps us unload the groceries. He was very surprised to learn that we came all the way from Chicago AND that we are using our own car to make these charity visits. Dad was so happy and kept saying "thank you, thank you! Bereket!" We were standing in front of their house for good 30 min, with Nezir and dad, getting to know them a bit better. We won't forget them. I told dad if they need anything else to let Dzemo know and we will do anything we can to support them.

Thank YOU all for supporting these acts of kindness for many sisters and brothers in need. Thank you for always being there for us. We love you and appreciate your help so SO much!

Thank you Džemo for working so hard in the Stl area. Literally, day and night. Everyone here knows and respects Dzemo. You deserve it brother! May Allah protect you and keep you safe. Amin.

I told Džemo Helping Hearts of BiH will support his projects in the future as well. We are just a phone call away.

My motto stays the same #zajednosmojači


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