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2021 May Homeless Event

Ramadan Homeless Event ♡

This morning in collab with our friends from the Downtown Islamic Center we visited the Tent city in Southloop and distributed donations which included:

- water - bread - cheese - turkey - cookies - hand soap - body lotions - shampoos - face wipes - toilet paper

As always, we take the time to get to know the residents of tent cities we visit. Today we met a couple from Indiana. They just moved to Chicago. They have been living on the streets since 2019... When asked how they became homeless, Sean said "to tell you the truth, it just happened. I don't even know..." I could see tears in his eyes. He kept going and told me that he has 3 grown up kids and no contact to them. It sounded like they didn't want anything to do with him anymore... This made me cry you guys. He sounded very sad... but positive at the same time. Especially his wife who kept saying "I know God is helping us through this. God is listening to my wishes. See, this morning it was raining and I asked God - since donors are coming to visit us, please stop raining, I don't want them to get wet and find us in this mess..."

I ask what they need us to bring next time we visit. They requested:

- coolers - tents - trash cans (I'll contact the city) - generators (I'll contact the city)

At the end of our event, our friends from Chi-Care stopped by with hot meals for the homeless. This is another amazing, Muslim founded charity organization serving the city of Chicago since 2020. Check them out!

And HUGE thanks goes to the Downtown Islamic Center- DIC for sponsoring todays event! Thank you DIC Neighbors Helping Neighbors volunteers for helping us distribute donations today! Please check out this amazing group of volunteers and join their efforts.

My Helping Hearts of BiH fam, YOU are the reason why we do what we do! Thank YOU for your support, your generosity, thank you for your trust and helping us help others! ♡

#ZajednoSmoJači #togetherstronger #ramazan2021


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