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22nd Covid-19 Homeless Outreach

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Southloop Homeless Outreach

Thank you Sanela, Džana and Nicole for joining us today! Thank you for your wonderful donations!

Someone asked today if homeless live in these tents even in winter?! Yes, they do! We visit them throughout the year. In this particular tent city, there are around 50-60 people.

Let me go over some statistics with y'all : * According to Chicago Coalition for Homeless:

2017- There are around 86,000 #homeless in Chicago.

Around 80% “live doubled-up in the homes of others due to hardship.” Around 20% are in shelters or sleep outside.

21% of homeless are employed.

2019- in order to comfortably afford a 2-bed apt ($1212) a household must earn at least $23.31/hr. In Chicago, the minimum wage is $13!! You almost have to work 2 full time jobs to afford Chicago rent prices!!

28% attended college or earned an A.S. or B.S degree.

24% minor homeless children.

Chicago Public School reported serving 16,451 homeless students during 2018-19 school year.

88.5% of homeless CPS students live doubled-up in the homes, usually in overcrowded conditions.

11% (1834) of homeless students live in shelters.

1% (167) of homeless students live in motels.

0.3% (46) of homeless students live in a car or other public place.

10.1% (1,662) of homeless students are unaccompanied youth, teens who are homeless and living on their own, without a parent or guardian.

23% of students were diagnosed with disabilities or developmental delays.


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