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26th Homeless Outreach

Today was a long day!

My original plan today was to shop for the Southloop and Uptown communities, distribute donations for both over the weekend or for Uptown some time next week (I still have a "9-5" job y'all:) BUT it rarely ever works out as planned because when there is a high need, I react right away and don't let our friends at the tent cities wait around. Just like we need water and hygiene products on a daily basis, so they do too!

Tom (mayor at the Uptown tent city) told me today that someone promised them water awhile ago and they have been waiting for days. Well, when I hear something like that, (it makes me mad), I can't just turn around and let them wait for me as well. They need water every day!! Why still some of us think just because they are homeless, their value is less than ours, like they don't need to drink water every day or take a shower. Please stop with that. These communities try as hard as they can to keep their tent cities clean, to keep themselves clean, they live here! They also try to find jobs, and many work believe it or not, they just don't make enough to rent an appartment in Chicago as we all know how expensive that can be.

Today's donations incl.:

water bleach wipes shampoo hand soap shoes blankets

On Sunday, we will visit the Southloop community.

See you soon! Thank you for your support! ♡


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