• Helping Hearts of BiH

Covid-19 16th Homeless Outreach

What a day! 🙏

Today we shopped for our homeless communities in Uptown and Southloop.

Uptown donations were distributed today and on Sunday we will visit our Southloop friends!

This Sunday, Dr Azra and her daughter asked to join us! Can't wait to see them both inshaAllah! ♥️ In Uptown today, we met our friends again, Michael and his daughter. They visit homeless communities every day! They throw BBQ 🎉 and spend time with them. What an amazing team! May God bless them and keep them safe! 🙏 Thank you fam for making all of these projects and events possible!! Your support means the world to all of us at Helping Hearts of BiH and all the communities we've been helping! Thank you! ♥️ Today's donations included bags and bags of healthy foods! 😁 Hope they are not gonna hate me for this! 😅 Bananas Grapes Oranges Tangerines Strawberries Blackberries Toilet paper Water Keks


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