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Covid-19 17th Homeless Outreach

Southloop Homeless Outreach

Today we had a pretty long day, unexpectedly.

First stop was Southloop loop community where we found a lot of damage from the rain. People were gathering outside, taking their already soaking wet stuff out of damaged tents, there were ponds of water everywhere... Just take a look at the video and the pictures. It's so sad 😔

Since next week Sunday is Eid, we will be out of town, I decided to go to Walmart right away and purchase tents, trash bags, plastic containers, and a cooler. There's no way I can let them wait for us for 2 weeks in these conditions! We drove to Walmart, got everything we needed. Going out of the store to the parking lot was a project. 🙈 Our clothes, shoes, everything got so wet, we decided to go home first, change to some dry clothes and if the rain stop well go back to tents. Since it's still raining very heavily and since due to this weather they can't do anything anyway, we decided to go back to the Tent City tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. 😁 Thank you for your support! ♥️


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