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Covid-19 5th Homeless Outreach Southloop

Updated: May 1, 2020

Homeless Outreach at Tent City, Chicago

This morning, we've decided to go out and distribute donations a bit earlier than usually. There were only two people up at this hour which gave us an opportunity to practice social distancing much better this time.

We brought lots of donations in hygiene and cleaning supplies worth for probably several weeks. Alhamdumillah. As far as food donations, I am sure they'll have enough for at least a week or two.

I noticed more food on the table. Not sure if it was from a day before or someone stopped by before us this morning but either way I was happy to see that they are getting more donations in food since this was a problem ever since corona virus outbreak. They told us "people were scared to come out, so a lot of donations stopped. For awhile, Helping Hearts of BiH were the only one prividing them with food and other supplies."

Thank you ALL for making this possible! ♥️

Stay well! Stay home! Be patient! We will come out of this much stronger InshaAllah! ♥️


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