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Covid-19- 7th Homeless Outreach

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Southloop Tent City Donations Distribution

Todays donations included: Water Bread Bagels Cheese Turkey Milk Choco milk Soap Paper napkins Female pads Last couple of times we brought them looots of reusable gloves. ⚜ Brownies - they told me last time "these are their favorites!" so I had to make sure I buy all the brownie packs they had at the Dollar store 🙈 ⚜ I wasn't really looking for heaters and body warmers but I noticed them at Walmart for $2 (heaters- down from I believe $15 and body warmers for 0.75c)!!

We never know with this Chicago weather. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I am SO proud of them for cleaning up everything, throwing out the trash and setting up their little "café"! ☺️ They even joked with us, asking: "hey guys wanna have a drink with us at our new café!?" 😁 They were super excited to show us what they've done this past week. We love them!

Thank you ALL for. making our projects possible! Thank you for helping us help others! May Allah reward and bless us all, ameen.


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