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Covid-19 8th Homeless Outreach

Homeless Outreach - Uptown tent city

Just to remind everyone - Every week, usually on a Friday I shop for 3 homeless communities- smaller one in Uptown and two in Southloop. The one in SL is a bigger tent city so I devided them into 2 groups just to make sure each end of the Tent City (South & North) gets our donations.

All donations below were distributed in Uptown today, and the same items will be distributed to the other 2 homeless communities in Southloop.

Today's donations included:

Doar Tree: Paper towels Shampoo Soap bars Toothbrush Toothpaste Bandages Cheese singles Cream Cheese Peanut butter cookies Choco cookies Brownies Female pads Spa face wraps and retinol cleaning cloths for my ladies 🌼 Walmart: Water Bread Bananas Toilet paper Beef bologne

Thank YOU for your support! ♥️


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