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June Homeless Outreach Event #1

This was a fun, rainy ☔ day! 😊

Today, Dina and I picked up some hygiene items from a local Dollar store and included them with our already prepacked - from yesterday- 72 dental hygiene kits. . Ema and Sabina joined us on our way to the "tent city" on Roosevelt & Canal. . As soon as we got there it started to rain pretty heavy but that didn't stop us from completing our project, at all. 😅 . People living in those tents were very friendly and welcoming, as always. We had a small talk and handed them our kits. They never forget to say "thank you." We got back into the car wet from head to toe! 😂 . We are planning to go back middle of June insha'Allah. . If you'd like to support us and I highly encourage you to do so, please send your donations through our website at .

Thank you KISS Dental for your dental products donation and everyone else who donated for this event! ❤️


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