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August Homeless Outreach Event #2

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Even though Sanela is in BiH focusing on projects there, our coordinators, Ema and Joe, still did a homeless outreach event this morning.

Ema met with Mahir and Adem in the early morning to buy supplies for the tent city, we bought 8 packs of water and 10 packs of toilet paper (4 rolls per pack). They met up with Sara, Sabina, and Joe at the Downtown Islamic Center where they helped make and pack 100 lunches for the homeless. The group took about 20 of these packed lunches and made their way to the tent city located on Roosevelt and Des Plaines. There they met with the community’s leader, Sean, who was happy to see them stop by.

Last time Sean mentioned that they were in need of sheets, blankets, and gorilla tape. We used funds raised to buy the tape and a few sheets, blankets, and lightly used clothing were donated by Ema and Adem.

Our event was such a success and we hope to have more of you join us one month iA!


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