• Helping Hearts of BiH

January Homeless Outreach

Our first 2020 Homeless Event

This morning, Helping ♥️ of BIH went to the Downtown Islamic Center where we met with a lot of other volunteers to make wonderful lunches for the homeless of Chicago. We had so many helping hearts show up today that we finished quick and were able to distribute them just in time for lunch.

Helping ♥️ of BIH team also made hygiene kits for our friends over at tent city as some of you may know we used some of the money from our donations to get more tents and underwear since they asked for it last month. They were extremely happy with what they got today. Our team was super proud and glad that we were able to make their lives a little bit easier on this snowy cold weekend. We met a lot of new people and had lots of fun at our brunch as well. Stay tuned for our next event!

Thank you all for making these events a success!!


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