• Helping Hearts of BiH

October Homeless Outreach

Today with our wonderful volunteers we visited the Southloop Tent City to distribute donations. Later today #helpingheartsofbih made one more stop by the Uptown tent city to distribute hot meals.

After the event, we went for coffee and brunch at Atropolis Bakery in Greek Town.

Pulin donated:

- home made veggie sandwiches


- protein bars

- chips

- his kids made some personalized cards for the homeless community 😊


- 80 bottles of water

#helpingheartsofbih donated:

- 96 bottles of water

- cookies

- bananas

- woman blazer

- running shoes

- socks

ChiCare donated:

- 21 fresh, hot meals for the Uptown homeless community

Thank you Mustafa, Dzenita, Pulin, his wife, two kids and ChiCare for your support! ♡


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