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Philly Dental Hygiene Kits

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

When planning for the Philadelphia Hygiene Kit event, we decided to take a slightly different approach from Chicago. Armin and Merima decided to reach out to numerous organizations within the city. They decided to partner with an affiliate shelter of the Salvation Army called the Red Shield. The Red Shield’s hosted an event each Thursday evening for Homeless families of the North Philadelphia community. They offered to let us attend and take part of the event, during which we introduced ourselves, and spoke a little bit about Helping Hearts of BiH and how our Chicago based organization found itself changing lives all the way on the east coast.

The event organized by the shelter wasn’t quite as large as we expected, leaving us with nearly half of the Hygiene Kits undistributed, but after speaking with the director of the shelter, we were able to get contact information of other shelters that would be interested in such an event. We decided that we would drive around the city, locating small tent cities and distributing our kits amongst them. We still have a handful of kits left over that we plan to use in our future event, most likely in April.

Thank you for your support! ❤️

** More pictures from this event in our gallery.


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